Last Updated on May 7, 2024

Submit a complaint

Hello, game lover! If you’ve had a bad time with an online casino or bookie, we’re here to back you up. At our site, we listen to what you say and aim to make sure your play times are always great.

How to Share Your Problem

It’s a breeze to tell us what went wrong. Just do this:

1. Fill in our easy form with your name and email.

2. Pick the casino or bookie you want to talk about.

3. Tell us all about the trouble you hit, with photos or chats with their team if you can.

4. Press “Submit,” and we’ll handle it from here!

We’ll check out what you said and chat with the casino or bookie for you to try to fix things. Your point of view helps us rate them and guide others, so you’re aiding every player!

Think on This First

Before you shoot your problem to us, keep these in mind:

• Read the casino or bookie’s rules well. Some headaches, like slow money stuff or bonus mix-ups, might clear up if you look at their rules.

• Tell us all the tiny bits of your problem. The more we know, the more we can do.

We’re Ready to Help

On our site, we do more than just say which places are good—we’re on your team in the online game world. We know our way around, and we’re all about making your game time a blast.